About ADA


The Aryan Darman Apadana Group (ADA) was established in 2015 in order to transfer modern technologies with a clear vision to achieve its ambition in the field of digital dentistry and implantology and the use of regional markets. It has been active in the field of import, sale, distribution, Commercial Dental Equipment.

Aryan Darman Apadana’s Group has been acting as the exclusive representative of products from IML SA Switzerland and MACO Deantal Care Italy in the Iranian market, which during its activities has been able to make a significant contribution to the country’s implant market, which has been widely welcomed by dentists throughout Iran.

The ADA group, with its directors in the field of dentistry and medical science, is trying to advance our goals and provide more and better services to our dentistry community in Iran.

Without a doubt, a brighter future awaits those who have made their deep-seated look to anything that focuses on their scientific and universal abilities. ADA’s deep belief in providing integrated services in the field of dental equipment has led to the formation of a powerful medical core in the field of dentistry.

Aryan Darman Apadana’s Company is proud to have reached a stage in the aftermath of its establishment, which, on the one hand, has recorded the experience of cooperating with experienced dentists throughout the country in its records of its experiences and, on the other hand, is ready to cooperate with dentists with the help of its human resources capabilities and other dental clinics are being conducted and studied.


Goals and Approaches and Development

The main goal of Aryan Darman Apadana is to provide specialized services and activities in dentistry. We are committed to delivering our services at the best quality at the shortest time and at the right price, to ensure that the quality of service for dentists in national, regional and international contexts is constantly improving.



Planning precisely to meet the needs of all kinds of import, sale, distribution of dental equipment of all commercially authorized goods, with new technology, due to the appropriate environment and the increasing development of all fields in order to reduce the cost of treatment and achieve the highest quality in services We are interested in dentists in Iran.